Kentucky "Chicken Scent? Bath Salt"
The scent of chicken is a bath salt! * The image is an image

At each Kentucky Fried Chicken store (excluding some stores), a "Chicken Fragrance? Bath Salt" gift campaign will be held from November 1st to 15th.

During the period, a campaign in which 100 people will receive a "chicken scent? Bath salt" that is inspired by the scent of Kentucky's popular product "original chicken" every day. After following KFC's official Twitter account, you can retweet and apply for the target tweets (including "#KFC's Ano Fragrance" and "#Secret Combination Pack"). Winners will be notified by direct message.

"Chicken scent? Bath salt" melts with "juwajuwa" when you put it in a bathtub, and it seems to have a scent inspired by the secret "11 herbs & spices". It will be presented in an original package that imitates chicken.

In addition, all retweets will receive a coupon of 550 yen (tax included) instead of the regular price of 750 yen for a set of 1 original chicken, 1 boneless Kentucky, and 1 carnelling potato.