KALDI "Goose Berry in Dark Chocolate" etc.

Original new products "Gooseberry in Dark Chocolate", "Blueberry in Dark Chocolate" and "Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate" are on sale at KALDI Coffee Farm from the end of October. The price is 253 yen each (tax included). * Handling depends on the store

All of them are fresh syrup-pickled fruits coated with Belgian couverture chocolate. You can enjoy the juicy taste with condensed fruit.

Goose berries have a large texture and gorgeous sweet and sour taste, blueberries have a melty flesh texture and rich sweet and sour taste, and the classic orange peel has a bittersweet but refreshing flavor that exudes as you chew. All of them go well with rich dark chocolate.

KALDI "Gooseberry in Dark Chocolate"
Goose berry

KALDI "Blueberry in Dark Chocolate"

KALDI "Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate"
Orange peel

The pouch with a cute colorful design is a zip type. As a portable confectionery, how about a refreshing grain?

KALDI "Gooseberry in Dark Chocolate"
The bag is a zip type and can be carried around ◎