Tully's Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte
Left: Irish latte Right: Mascarpone tiramisu latte

At each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores), drinks for the holiday season "Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte", "Irish Latte" and "& TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea" will be released on November 2nd.

Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte is a mellow cafe latte inspired by the Italian Dolce "Tiramisu". The harmony of espresso and mascarpone whipped cream is complemented by freeze-dried strawberries toppings with a sweet and sour accent. It looks gorgeous and is perfect for the holiday season. The price starts from 490 yen (tax included) for the short size.

Irish latte is a winter-only latte with the motif of "Irish coffee", which is said to have originated in Ireland. It features the richness of espresso and a mellow taste like charred caramel, and is finished with a modest sweetness. You can enjoy the taste of adults with the fluffy flavor of Western liquor in harmony with the bittersweet espresso and the sweetness of milk. The price starts from 470 yen (tax included) for the short size.

& TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea is a gorgeous fruit tea reminiscent of hot wine. The fruit juice, which is mainly composed of the red wine grape variety "Cabernet Sauvignon", is combined with the moderate astringency and aroma of black tea. Strawberry pulp is topped, and you can enjoy the texture and juicy taste. The price starts from 430 yen (tax included) for the short size.

Tully's & TEA Cabernet & Strawberry Tea
Gorgeous fruit tea reminiscent of hot wine