Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bake's Pudding and Latte

Okusawa, Tokyo, a city with many coffee shops. "Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bakes" is about a 3-minute walk from the station.

The shop with the blue wall is a chic color inside. The ceiling is high and the stylish space spreads out.

Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bake's Appearance
Small terrace seats

As the name suggests, the main lineup is coffee and baked goods. I was curious about all of them, but when I dared to order the pudding (300 yen) lined up in the showcase, it was very delicious, so I would like to introduce it.

Recommended for hard pudding

It was in a cup when I ordered it, but what was brought in was a glossy pudding on a plate. It does not move with some shaking and keeps its shape. An appetizing visual with plenty of caramel.

Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bake's Pudding
it's beautiful

The texture is so firm that it feels slightly elastic. There are no air bubbles, and the impression is that the material is tightly packed. But when it hits your teeth, it loosens, so your mouth feels smooth. The creamy pudding is nice, but it's still delicious.

Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bake's Pudding
Ah happy

Every time you say it, the orthodox taste of "This is pudding!" After the richness and mellow sweetness of the egg, the vanilla-like scent is fluffy. A fragrant and bittersweet caramel for an adult taste. The sweetness and bitterness alternate to keep your tongue from getting bored.

Also proud coffee

I ordered a hot latte (450 yen) with the pudding. It was a 50 yen discount with pudding. The latte art of the heart is cute.

Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bake's Latte
nice smell

A fluffy creamy foam welcomes you. You can feel the mild bitterness and richness. What remains in the mouth is the fragrant and plump umami. Excellent compatibility with pudding.

The time that flows in the cafe is relaxing as if it were separated from everyday life. When I'm a little tired, I'll come back again for good coffee and sweets.