Ezaki Glico "Pocky [Goddess Ruby]"
I'm glad I was an adult ...!

From Ezaki Glico's "Pocky for adults" series, "Pocky [Goddess Ruby]" that pursues compatibility with red wine has appeared. From October 24th, it will be sold mainly on the online shopping site Amazon. Currently accepting reservations on the same site.

This product is a Pocky that goes well with red wine and you can enjoy a gorgeous taste. A rich pretzel kneaded with cheddar cheese, black pepper and cloves is coated with bitter chocolate sweetly scented with three berries. It was developed under the supervision of a senior sommelier at Suntory Wine International.

The container is a bright crimson (ruby) cylindrical package. It comes in 216g (6 bags) and costs 924 yen (excluding tax).

Ezaki Glico "Pocky [Goddess Ruby]"
Enjoy the marriage with red wine

In addition, the first "Pocky for adults" that was sold last year (2016) and was popular, "Pocky [Adult Amber]" that goes well with whiskey is also on sale. In addition to Amazon, you can purchase at Suntory Yamazaki / Hakushu Distillery, Rojaco, Seven Meal Service, etc. This is a dark blue cylindrical package, and the price is 924 yen (excluding tax).

Ezaki Glico "Pocky [Adult Amber]"
Pocky [Adult Amber]