Monoprix "Dark Chocolate Almond" and "Pecan Nut Chocolate"
French chocolate

France's representative supermarket "MONOPRIX". I found the chocolate in the store at Aeon.

I bought "Dark Chocolate Almond" and "Pecan Nut Chocolate" from among several types. The price is 537 yen each. If you have it, it will be heavy and it will be quite satisfying to eat.

Monoprix "Dark Chocolate Almond"
Stylish design

A chocolate bar type with a division. Since one piece is large and thick, it also requires power to break. If you are confident in your teeth, can you bite?

Dark chocolate almonds have a strong cacao flavor. The sweetness is modest but not bitter, leaving only a strong umami. Accented with crispy and fragrant almonds. It's good to melt the chocolate in your mouth and then taste the nuts, or chew it together. Even a single piece can be quite satisfying.

Monoprix "Dark Chocolate Almond"
Ideal for filling your stomach

Monoprix "Dark Chocolate Almond"
Almonds popping out

If you want to enjoy the sweetness, pecan nut chocolate is recommended. Caramel pecan nuts are packed in a mellow chocolate! The richness and aroma of caramel and nuts overlap with the chocolate, creating a deeper taste. Sophisticated taste that is not only sweet.

Monoprix "Pecan nut chocolate"
Cacao design on chocolate

Monoprix "Pecan nut chocolate"
Nuts lined up

When I bought it, I thought it would be a little expensive for a piece of chocolate bar to cost more than 500 yen, but when I tried it, I was satisfied with the luxury. It's nice to be able to enjoy the taste of France while in Japan. It is recommended not only for chocolate lovers but also for nut lovers.