QBG Lady Bear "Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~"

From the natural sweets shop "QBG Lady Bear", two kinds of "Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~" tie-up with the popular character "Usamaru" with LINE stamps will be on sale from the beginning of January. Will be done. Limited quantity. Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Shopping will start accepting orders from 14:00 on January 7th. The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax). Up to 4 per person.

Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~

"Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~" is a set of cute mugs of Usamaru & Usako and chocolate-covered nuts. The design of the original design mug gradually changes when you add hot drinks such as hot coffee and hot tea. Specifications that you can enjoy two kinds of designs before and after putting.

The chocolate-covered nuts set with the mug are long-selling chocolates that use plenty of maple sugar from Quimby Garden to bring out the flavor of the fragrant nuts. Maple sugar, which is made by boiling maple sap, is a valuable natural sweetener that is condensed with the blessings of the forest. The soft sweetness and scent of 100% nature creates a loose and cute world view of "Usamaru".

Maple nut chocolate (strawberry macadamia)

Freeze-dried strawberries were kneaded into white chocolate and wrapped in thick macadamia nuts. Sprinkled with richly scented maple sugar, it has a sweet and sour acidity and a rich sweetness. The changing mug with hot drinks and colored cheeks is a perfect gift for the Valentine's season.

QBG Lady Bear "Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~"

Maple nut chocolate (espresso pecan nut)

A bittersweet milk chocolate kneaded with espresso powder and maple sugar, wrapped in crispy and fragrant pecan nuts. A mellow chocolate that takes advantage of the aroma of trees peculiar to maple and the good compatibility of coffee. The changing mug is a design in which a rabbit pops out of a cup or barrel, and the stars scattered around it turn into coffee beans.

QBG Lady Bear "Usamaru Maple Nut Chocolat ~ Changing Mug Set ~"