WAWEL chocolate mint
This mint feeling is amazing after a long time

Among the "chocolate mint" sweets, I like the strong mint feeling! I found a recommended sweet for those who say. It is "chocolate mint" sold by Polish chocolate maker "WAWEL".

WAWEL's "Chocolate Mint"
WAWEL chocolate mint

It's a seemingly simple chocolate mint candy with a mint cream filling wrapped in dark chocolate ... This mint cream was the highest level of super strong mint in my history! Ordinary chocolate mint is lukewarm, please give me more stimulation! By all means.

◆ Discovered at Seijo Ishii

Discovered while patroling Seijo Ishii. It seems that it is a product that is directly imported. The purchase price was 971 yen (tax included).

WAWEL chocolate mint
15 pieces

When I opened the box, I found 15 individually wrapped chocolate mint. The elegant package design with a slightly high-class feel enhances the popularity.

WAWEL chocolate mint
The back side is also nice

◆ White mint cream inside

When you bite it covered with dark chocolate, you can see a pure white mint cream from inside! It's not green.

WAWEL chocolate mint
Coated with dark chocolate

WAWEL chocolate mint
Pure white mint cream

The presence of mint cream surpasses the rich scent and bitterness of cacao. With a sticky texture, the mouth is soothing from the moment you eat it. Mentha, or the taste that Japanese people associate with "mint". Maybe it's the first time for chocolate mint to have no play like this?

If you say it with a light feeling, you will wake up with an unexpected refreshing feeling. By all means, such as when it's a little vague after lunch. It might be an ant to give it to a sleepy colleague!