Tully's Coffee "Halloween Pumpkin Latte"
The ghost is cute

"Halloween Pumpkin Latte" and "Halloween Pumpkin Tea Swork", which are limited to the Halloween season, will be released on October 4th at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores).

Halloween Pumpkin Latte is an autumn-like cafe latte that combines pumpkin flavor and pumpkin whipped cream. It is topped with two sauces and Halloween-designed cookies. Pumpkin from Hokkaido is used for pumpkin sauce and whipped cream, and you can fully enjoy the sweet and rich aroma. Prices start at 570 yen (tax included, same below).

Halloween Pumpkin Tea Sworkle is a milk tea-based sworkle with a pumpkin flavor. Halloween limited cookies are displayed. You can enjoy the sweetness of pumpkin and the rich flavor of caramel. Prices start at 540 yen for shorts.

Tully's Coffee "Halloween Pumpkin Tea Sworkle"
The base is milk tea

In addition, "Halloween donuts of purple sweet potato" with the motif of Jack O Lantern are on sale. It's a Halloween-like dish with a handwritten expression on a fluffy dough kneaded with purple potatoes. The price is 270 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Halloween Donuts of Purple Potato"
Handwritten one by one