Morinaga & Co. "Waffle Sand Ice"
Crispy winter ice cream!

Morinaga & Co.'s "Waffle Sand Ice", which has a crunchy texture, will be on sale from September 25th. The estimated price is 173 yen (tax included).

Waffle sandwich ice cream is made by fully coating vanilla ice cream with chocolate with the richness of deep roasted cacao and sandwiching it with waffle cookies. It's a sandwich ice cream that looks like a cold chocolate candy.

The 3.6 mm thick waffle cookie has a crispy, hard texture and a savory crunchy texture. You can also enjoy the richness derived from sugar.

In addition, by utilizing the technology and know-how gained from the company's popular ice cream "Choco Monaca Jumbo", wrapping the ice cream in chocolate prevents moisture from transferring from the ice cream to the waffles. It seems that the crunchy texture lasts.

The sale period is until the end of March 2018. In the coming season, be sure to try "winter ice cream" that has a rich taste and a chewy texture!