Nissin Foods "Spice Kitchen Pactist Curry for Soup"
Yes attention ~!

Nissin Foods will release the second "Pho Soup Covered with Coriander" "Spice Kitchen Pho Cist Curry Pho Soup" on October 2nd. The estimated price is 170 yen (excluding tax).

A new product following the popular "Spice Kitchen Pactist Chicken for Soup " released in June 2017. The rich curry soup with 10 kinds of spices is combined with plenty of coriander that is particular about flavor, color and shape.

The noodles are pho made from rice flour. It features a smooth and smooth texture and a moderate texture. The ingredients are plenty of coriander and chili peppers.

The spicy soup enhances the flavor of coriander, and you can enjoy the intense flavor peculiar to coriander until the end. If you like coriander, I definitely want to try it.