"Karuizawa Tart" and "Kusa Mochi" from "Shirakaba-do" in Karuizawa

Karuizawa Long-established jam & confectionery workshop "Shirakabado"

Karuizawa's long-established jam and confectionery workshop "Shirakabado". We will deliver 3 souvenirs that you would like to personally recommend from the many products in the store.

Karuizawa Tart Walnut / Almond

The first is the representative sweet "Karuizawa Tart Walnut / Almond" that has won the Monde Selection Gold Award. A palm-sized tart with plenty of butter and almond powder. The price for 5 pieces is 650 yen.

"Karuizawa Tart" from "Shirakaba-do" in Karuizawa
I sold it in roses

Many tarts have a crispy dough, but this is moist overall. It unravels and enjoys the rich flavor of wheat and butter. Accented with fragrant walnuts and sliced almonds. It is a rich dish with a deep richness that remains even after you finish eating.

"Karuizawa Tart" from "Shirakaba-do" in Karuizawa
Crunchy walnuts

"Karuizawa Tart" from "Shirakaba-do" in Karuizawa
The dough is moist

"Karuizawa Tart" from "Shirakaba-do" in Karuizawa
Fragrant almonds

The shelf life is about two and a half months. As it is individually wrapped, it is a perfect souvenir for work or school.

Kusa mochi

The second is "Kusa Mochi" in a green bag. Black honey and toothpicks are included separately. 7 pieces, the price is 600 yen.

"Kusa Mochi" from Karuizawa "Shirakaba-do"
Sprinkle plenty of black honey

The scent of wormwood is fluffy from the moderately elastic mochi. The fragrance of kinako and the deep richness of black honey are entwined there. The slight saltiness that remains in the mouth is indescribably delicious. It may be good to enjoy it with Japanese tea. The shelf life is about one and a half months.

"Kusa Mochi" from Karuizawa "Shirakaba-do"
Mochi mochi

Pudding raw dorayaki

The third is "Purin Nama Dorayaki," which I recommend for myself. The price is 250 yen. It is sold frozen, and after thawing, please refrigerate and eat within 2 days. I ate on the way back from the Shinkansen.

"Purin raw dorayaki" from Karuizawa "Shirakaba-do"
Thaw for about 30 minutes from purchase to eating

Smooth fresh cream is sandwiched between the moist and soft dough. The cream is mixed with milk custard pudding and has a rich and mellow taste. It is finished in rich Japanese sweets that are integrated with the elegant sweet dough.

"Purin raw dorayaki" from Karuizawa "Shirakaba-do"
A wonderful collaboration between pudding and dorayaki

The bittersweet homemade caramel is accented here and there. The combination of caramel enhances the "pudding feeling". You can feel luxurious as if you were chewing on cream dorayaki and pudding at the same time.

The "raw dorayaki camembert cheese" that I bought together is also excellent. The taste of cheese and the slight acidity were surprisingly compatible with the dorayaki dough. If you like cheese, don't miss it.

"Purin raw dorayaki" from Karuizawa "Shirakaba-do"
Rich and delicious

Did you have any souvenirs you were interested in? Shirakaba-do has several stores in Karuizawa, so please stop by when you travel.