FamilyMart x Taiwanese ice cream "Kokoraichi"
FamilyMart x Taiwanese ice cream

The new ice cream product "Kokoraichi" will be released on September 19th exclusively at FamilyMart Circle K. Sunkus nationwide. The price is 129 yen (tax included). * Except for Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa and some stores

This product is a three-layered ice bar with lychee sauce wrapped in lychee ice cream and then wrapped in coconut milk ice cream. Lychee ice cream is a mixture of fine ice and lychee jelly to give it a crispy texture. You can enjoy the texture and taste of "just like biting a frozen lychee".

Uses Taiwanese lychee juice. It is a product jointly developed with the Taipei Municipal Tourism Promotion Bureau. Please try "Taipei Sweets" only here.