FamilyMart "Fluffy Cake Omelette Cheese
All images are sourced from FamilyMart's official website.

Here are the new arrivals of sweets that will be available at FamilyMart stores from July 26. The lineup includes the following six items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Manmaru-yaki Jurassic World

A custard cream cake collaborating with the movie "Jurassic World". There are 9 kinds of branding, 12 kinds of original stickers, and 1 secret sticker. Limited to Family Mart. Price: 198 yen (tax included, same as below).

FamilyMart "Manmaru Yaki: Jurassic World

Fluffy Cake Omelette Cheese

A quick and easy to eat sweet. A rich cheese cream with cream cheese and custard and fluffy cheese whip are wrapped in a fluffy and moist omelette dough. The price is 248 yen.

FamilyMart "Fluffy Cake Omelette Cheese

Akagi Taberu Ranch Mango

A two-layer ice cream cup that allows you to enjoy a combination of two flavors. The upper layer is rich milk ice cream made with Hokkaido milk, and the lower layer is mango ice cream with mango pulp mixed in. Limited to FamilyMart and in limited quantities. Price: 238 yen.

FamilyMart "Akagi Taberu Ranch Mango

Smoothly tailored custard pudding

A rich and smooth pudding with a low sugar content of 9.5g (0.18oz). The bottom of the pudding is filled with bittersweet caramel sauce. Available only at FamilyMart. Price: 180 yen.

FamilyMart "Smooth Tailored Custard Pudding

Seika Tropical Shirouma Condensed Milk Soft - White Peach Flavor

Tropical Shirouma shaved ice topped with soft condensed milk and white peach flavors. The condensed milk shaved ice is filled with white peach sauce. The product is available at FamilyMart in limited quantities. The price is 210 yen.

Seika Tropical White Condensed Milk Soft - White Peach Flavor

Meiji Tsujiri Hojicha Ice Float

This hojicha shaved ice float is a perfect balance of aromatic hojicha tea, azuki beans, and condensed milk ice cream. It uses hojicha from Tsujiri Ichi Honten, a long-established shop in Uji, Kyoto. Limited to FamilyMart and in limited quantities. Price: 190 yen.

FamilyMart "Meiji Tsujiri Hojicha Ice Float".