Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017

New autumn sweets are on sale at Starbucks from September 1st. From the attractive lineup that uses the taste of autumn such as apples, pumpkins, and chestnuts, I actually tried the 4 points that I was interested in!

・ Apple pie (480 yen, tax not included, same below)
An apple pie with custard cream and apples wrapped in a flavorful puff pastry. The apples used are "Jonathan" from Aomori prefecture, which is characterized by its acidity and mellow flavor, and "Fuji", which has a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
I'm happy with plenty of apples

The tightly packed apples are very juicy with a crispy texture. It is refreshing, sweet and sour, and goes well with buttery puff pastry.

The crunchy texture of the rough sugar sprinkled on the finish is also a good accent. If you warm it lightly in the oven, the dough will be crispy and you can enjoy a different taste.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
Even if warmed ◎

・ American scone pumpkin (270 yen)
Starbucks popular scone autumn version. The dough is baked with pumpkin dice and topped with pumpkin coating and pumpkin seeds.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
Pumpkin flavor of popular scones!

The rich pumpkin flavor that spreads when you bite into it is a must-try item for pumpkin lovers! If you eat it as it is, it will melt moisturized, and if you warm it lightly in the oven, the aroma and flavor will stand out.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
Rich in flavor with pumpkin

・ Coffee & Espresso cake caramel nuts (350 yen)
A cake topped with caramel-coated pecan nuts and walnuts, baked with nuts added to a flavorful caramel dough. When you eat it, it melts and spreads the rich caramel and butter flavor.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
Caramel x nuts are fragrant!

The slight bitterness is an adult taste. Nuts, which are fragrant and add depth to the taste with each bite, also do a good job.

・ Maron cream donut (250 yen)
A donut made by putting marron cream in a soft and chewy donut and finishing it with a marron-flavored coating. Plenty of chestnut flavor with cream and coating! The balance of sweetness is just right because of the volume.

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017

Starbucks Autumn Sweets 2017
With malon cream inside

All of these are Starbucks' new sweets that you can enjoy the flavorful autumn flavors. Of course, they all go great with coffee. Please try the taste just for now!