The Rose of Versailles design bitte
Gorgeous collaboration

A collaboration between Ezaki Glico's chocolate confectionery "Bitte" and the popular manga "The Rose of Versailles". The "Versailles Barista" campaign has been running since September 12th.

The second collaboration project to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of "The Rose of Versailles" and the 50th anniversary of the author Riyoko Ikeda's debut. Popular characters will act as baristas to convey the good compatibility between bitte and coffee.

There are 6 types of limited packages. "Milk Chocolat" is designed by Andre, Felsen and Rosalie, and "Ivory Chocolat" is designed by Oscar, Marie and Jeanne. When each flavor is placed next to each other, the characters brew coffee and enjoy the bitte.

The Rose of Versailles design bitte
Which character do you like?

There are 12 types of individual wrapping designs. You can enjoy a one-frame manga that reproduces the famous scene of the Rose of Versailles with characters wearing baristas.

The Rose of Versailles design bitte

In addition, a campaign will be held in which 5,000 people will receive a "tumbler that can kiss Oscar" whose mouth is Oscar's lips. If you purchase a campaign package product and there is a winning postcard in the box, you will win.

Tumbler that can kiss Oscar