"Grape Grape & Tea Jelly" Frappuccino with black tea tea jelly and grape and cranberry pulp
Glitter ☆ Pink

At each Starbucks store (excluding some stores), the new "Grapey Grape & Tea Jelly Frappuccino" featuring "tea" will be on sale from September 1st to October 1st. The price is 560 yen for tall size (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Frappuccino with black tea scent and flavor, tea jelly, and fruity sauce made by boiling grapes with skin and cranberry pulp. A new frappe that looks glittering and very cute , the En-eating editorial department tried drinking a pair first!

"Grape Grape & Tea Jelly" Frappuccino with black tea tea jelly and grape and cranberry pulp
What is the taste ...?

■ Insanely juicy
At the same time as sucking up, it is Jerry of black tea that pops out from the straw. It is said that the aroma and flavor are trapped because the tea is made into jelly immediately after being extracted. The best in delicious Purunpurun this Jerry to Hontto!

"Grape Grape & Tea Jelly" Frappuccino with black tea tea jelly and grape and cranberry pulp
Tea Jerry Usagi!

"Grapey Grape & Tea Jerry" Tea Jerry in Frappe
Plenty of

The Frappuccino base, which is a combination of various fruit juices such as grape, apple, peach, cranberry and strawberry and crushed ice, is very juicy . The fruity sweet and sourness of the crushed and simmered grape "Crimson" with skin and cranberries is irresistible! It's refreshing and easy to drink, so it's easy to drink. It was so delicious that I drank it innocently.

Grape and berries used in the "Grapey Grape & Tea Jerry" frappe
The flesh of grapes and berries is ◎

Fruit sauce in "Grapey Grape & Tea Jerry" frappe
Melty sweet and sour sauce

Melting the cream with plenty of topping changes the whole to a milky taste. The color has changed to a gentle pink and it's super cute ~ ♪ This is perfect for Instagram! Personally, I like Frappuccino so much that I'm in the top three!

"Grapey Grape & Tea Jerry" Frappe with plenty of cream
Speaking of frappe, cream!

■ Which do you prefer, ice cream or hot?
In addition, TEAVANA's new product "Grapey Grape & Tea (Ice / Hot)" will be released at the same time. TEAVANA's black tea is supplemented with a juice base that combines various fruits and thick grape berry pulp. Prices start at 390 yen for each short size. The sale period is until November 30th.

TEAVANA's new product "Grape Grape & Tea (Ice / Hot)"
New flavor for TEAVANA!

The ice cream has a refreshing taste with the flesh of grape berries and a fruity juice base added to crisp black tea. It's easy to drink, and the fluffy texture of the flesh that appears occasionally is irresistible! "I want to drink cold food, but Frappuccino is a little heavy ..." It's perfect for when ♪ Even if you change the tea to hibiscus tea, the acidity will increase a little and it will be delicious.

"Grape Grape & Tea" Ice is a drink made by adding grape berry pulp and juice base to crisp black tea.
Refreshing fruity

Hot is a tea extracted by warming the grapeberry base. The scent of tea and sweet and sour fruits will heal you. It's smooth and smooth, just like black tea with jam ! It is a cup that you want to drink comfortably on a cold day.

"Grape Grape & Tea" Hot is a drink made by warming the grape berry base and extracting tea.
It's sweet!

Three new Starbucks products that are packed with the deliciousness of fruits. This is the drink I want you to drink anyway! If you are interested, please give it a try ♪