New TV commercial for Suntory Chuhai "Horoyoi"
Erika Sawajiri's address (?), Which is reflected in the commercial.

Suntory Chuhai's new TV commercial "singing horoyoi erika" special long version was released on July 9th for one night only. Is there anyone who has seen it?

A postcard appears in the last cut of this commercial for a moment, but when I actually send the postcard to the address written at the address, Erika Sawajiri who is appearing in the commercial returns a sympathy in the heat. That's right! …really?

◆ Real address

Actually, this is a "surprise" campaign from Horoyo. The address is the actual address where Suntory's office is located, and if you send a postcard addressed to Erika Sawajiri, you will receive a "Summer greeting postcard from Erika Sawajiri". (* However, it may not be possible to reply to all postcards)

New TV commercial for Suntory Chuhai "Horoyoi"
Erika Sawajiri appearing in the commercial

By the way, the last campaign was that when you call the phone number reflected in the commercial that was on the air from March 7, Erika Sawajiri will call you back. This "Horoyoi Erica Phone" became a hot topic right after the commercial was released, and there were 50,000 incoming calls in just five days from the start of the broadcast!

There are three types of "Summer greeting postcards" this time. All of them are packed with "messages like Sawajiri-san". Why don't you send a postcard with a "summer word" that you want to deliver to Mr. Sawajiri? The address is "2-3-3 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8631" and the address is "Erika Sawajiri".

The special long commercial is also available on YouTube, so if you missed it, please click here.


◆ Win a lottery

In addition, if you access the special site from the QR code written on the summer greeting postcard you received, enter the necessary information and apply, 1,000 people will win the "Hoyoyo Gift Set" by lottery. 6 bottles of various flavors (360ml (12.17us fl oz) cans).

The deadline for the campaign is July 31st. For details on where to send postcards and how to apply, please check the special website of the Horome-ru campaign.