Kamakura Bakery "Kamakura Round"
Round bread is now available at Kamakura Bakery, a "moving 100 yen bread"

Round bread "Kamakura Round" has been released at a limited store of Kamakura Bakery that sells freshly baked "100 yen bread". The price is 400 yen per bottle and 200 yen for half size, both excluding tax.

This is an arrangement of the cylindrical bread "Round Bread" with a wavy surface in the same store style. The round pan heats evenly, so it can be baked efficiently in a short time, and it is moist because it traps moisture inside.

The dough used for the Kamakura round is made by kneading plenty of Hokkaido cream and unsalted butter and fermenting it at low temperature for a long time to bring out the aroma and sweetness of wheat. Furthermore, by baking in the shortest time, it is said that it is moist and soft, "silk-like" smooth, and has a soft and fluffy mouthfeel.

Kamakura Bakery "Kamakura Round"
The columnar round pan can be arranged freely!

First of all, enjoy the rich richness, subtle sweetness, and texture of the chewy and elastic dough without toasting. It is also recommended to put your favorite jam on it, sandwich it with ingredients, or make it into a "round French toast". Also, if you bake it lightly, you can enjoy the crispy texture.

Kamakura Bakery "Kamakura Round"
Toast it and have it for breakfast

There are four stores, Inage Naganuma store, Shin Kamagaya store, Shin Funabashi store, and Unimo Chiharadai store. Currently, only some stores are available, but it seems that sales at other stores will be considered in the future. Let's expect!