The new product "Salad de Don Tacos", which is reminiscent of the "Don Tacos" brand salad, is a snack with plenty of dietary fiber.
Can I get fiber from snacks?

Koike-ya's "Don Tacos" brand new product "Salad de Don Tacos" will be released on July 10th only at convenience stores in the Kanto region. The price is open.

"Salad de Don Tacos Truffle Salt Original Salad Flavor" is a snack with a rich flavor of fragrant truffles and olive oil. While adding the umami of chicken to the hidden taste, the taste is tightened with black pepper, and it is said that the taste is rich and timeless. Dietary fiber is 1.8g (0.28oz) per bag (about 1/2 lettuce). The calorie is 178 kcal.

"Salad de Don Tacos Avocado Cobb Salad Flavor" is a snack confectionery inspired by the popular Cobb salad in Mexico, the home of tortilla chips. You can enjoy the deep taste of various ingredients such as avocado bacon, tomato, and cheese, and the slightly spicy Mexican dressing flavor. Dietary fiber is 2.1g (0.04oz) per bag. The calorie is 175 kcal.