7-ELEVEN Meita Cheese Potato Man

A new Chinese steamed bun released by convenience stores every winter. At each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores), "Menta Cheese Potato Man" was released on February 16th. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

This product is a Chinese steamed bun that uses dice-cut potatoes, mentaiko, and cheese as ingredients. The fabric is also slightly mentaiko-colored. The top is branded with a character inspired by Mentaiko. It is 211 kcal per piece.

7-ELEVEN Meita Cheese Potato Man
Branded cute characters

The filling is creamy. Based on the rich cheese flavor, the umami of mentaiko and the spicy spiciness are effective. The taste of mentaiko is richer than you can imagine! It is a good balance with moist and chewy dough.

The potatoes are 1 cm square and large in size. It has a chewy texture and is an overall accent.

7-ELEVEN Meita Cheese Potato Man
Melty and fluffy texture!

Because of its good compatibility, it is a classic "Menta cheese potato flavor" for snacks at izakaya. I'm glad that you can easily eat Chinese steamed buns as a snack.