Carbohydrate, the natural enemy of diet. For bread, rice, noodles ... Unfortunately, most of the staple foods are carbohydrates. Do you eat happily and gain weight, or endure spicy and lose weight? It is an eternal proposition that girls are always faced with.

Although it is such a carbohydrate, human beings cannot help eating carbohydrates at all, and if they do not eat it, they tend to get fat easily. Then what should I do! You may hear an angry voice, but the answer is simple. Choose a carbohydrate with a low GI value.

GI value? What is that, is it delicious? The GI value is the speed at which the food turns into sugar in the body and the blood sugar level rises.

Foods with a low GI value are also effective for dieting because the blood sugar level rises slowly, sugar is slowly absorbed by the body, and insulin secretion, which has the function of converting excess sugar into fat, is suppressed. .. You've become smarter again.

Pasta with the lowest GI value in the world has finally landed in Japan!
Pasta with the lowest GI value in the world has finally landed in Japan!

The package is fashionable! As expected from Europe!

We would like to introduce the pasta "Spaghetti Montignac", which has the lowest GI value in the world. The name is hard to say.

This is a spaghetti with a GI value of only 10 developed by Michel Montignac of France, who is famous as a natural food brand in Europe. A surprising number of 1/4 or less of normal spaghetti.

In Japan, it is imported by Indus and sold on HP. It's a little expensive at 880 yen for 500g (17.64oz), but hmm, I wonder if it's for a diet ...