The "Vege Happy" series, in which vegetable paste is kneaded into a happy turn and then sprinkled with vegetable powder. "Purple potato taste" will appear as a new flavor. It will be on sale from Kameda Seika from August 25th.

Purple happy turn
Purple happy turn

Speaking of purple potatoes, the flavor that was also popular at the luxury happy turn specialty store " HAPPY Turn's".

Also, when Kameda investigated the flavors that Kameda would like to eat for the Vege Happy series that can be purchased at general stores, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes were still the most popular.

After all, the goodness of this flavor is that you can enjoy the color as well as the taste. Also, in Vege Happy's manufacturing method, you can feel the taste of vegetables from inside and outside by using vegetable paste and powder. It is said that the deliciousness of purple and the sweetness of happy powder are a perfect match.

The price is a non-print price, but it is expected to be around 230 yen at the store. You can buy it at supermarkets nationwide.