Kameda Confectionery "Happy Turn Blissful Cheese Flavor"

Kameda Confectionery will sell "77g (2.72oz) Happy Turn Blissful Cheese Flavor" for a limited time. The sale period is from January 24th to the end of February. The estimated price is around 220 yen (tax included).

The 45th anniversary of "Happy Turn", which was held from August 23rd to September 6th, 2021! "Blessed cheese flavor" from the three flavors of "blissful cheese flavor", "gokigen wasabi mayonnaise flavor", and "happy salt caramel flavor" in "Which taste happy !? Project" Won the first place with 42,274 votes (total of 91,595 votes). Based on this result, "Happy Turn Blissful Cheese Flavor" will be sold.

Happy turn blissful cheese flavor

By using the original blended cheese powder, the rich and delicious cheese taste is realized. By adding a little honey powder, the taste of cheese and the sweetness of honey are finished in a blissful taste that fills your mouth. It goes well with the deliciousness of "Amajoppai", which is a characteristic of "Happy Turn".