Kameda Confectionery "Happy Turn Winter Limited White mix"

Kameda Confectionery will release "Happy Turn Winter Limited White Mix" on November 15th. Limited time until the end of December. The estimated price is around 320 yen (excluding tax).

Happy Turn Winter Limited White mix

"Happy Turn Winter Limited White mix" is a new happy turn assortment that can only be experienced now, with the theme of "white", which is the image color of winter. You can enjoy 3 special tastes in a gorgeous 3 kinds mix where happiness spreads in your mouth. There are three flavors: happy turn, salt butter flavor, and sour cream flavor.

"Sour cream taste" that combines sour cream with onion to add depth to the taste. Cheese powder and powdered soy sauce are added to the secret flavor to create a rich flavor. "Salt butter flavor" that uses cheese powder as a secret ingredient, sticking to the balance of salt and butter. You can enjoy the rich taste of salt butter.

On the back of the package, we designed a "mistake search" that parents and children can enjoy. At home time in winter, we will further enliven the family with "assorted products with a sense of the season" that are different from usual.