Lotte's gum "Fit's", which is familiar in the CM of "Chew and Funyan Funyan ♪", will release a strange gum. The name is "Fit's MAGIQ [slime taste]". It's not a mistake to doubt your eyes. It is a genuine slime flavor that will be released.

Fit's is here!

Speaking of slime, a humorous enemy character that appears in the game "Dragon Quest". The slime with a deep blue body and an unhateable expression will be familiar to the Japanese people.

What is slime? The most questionable question is that if you chew lime-flavored gum, the sour chips will pop in your mouth and you will get a "sour lime = slime" taste. Was it a pun?

No, it's not just Lotte. When chewed further, the thickening material (gelatin and xanthan gum) in the gum melts, and you can enjoy the texture that resembles slime. Well, slime texture. Is it really soft?

The wrapping paper has a design that you can enjoy even after you finish chewing, and the package also adopts a collaboration design that prints the command screen of slime and Dragon Quest. It seems to be an unbearable dish for "Dragon Quest" fans.

It will be on sale from August 21st. Until the product is released, it may be a good idea to imagine the slime texture and wait.