Lotte "Fit's [a taste that is not a swim cover!]"

From the chewing gum "Fit's" series, "Fit's [Sui Cover is not a taste!]" Will be released on July 9th. There are 12 pieces in one box, and the estimated price is around 130 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This is a chewing gum that reproduces the "watermelon & melon bar" "watermelon" and "not melon bar flavor" of the popular ice cream "watermelon & melon bar". It has a crispy texture and a slightly cold taste that is inspired by the deliciousness of melon bar ice cream. The individual gum wrapping has a cute watermelon pattern.

In addition, "Watermelon & Melon Bergmi" will be expanded to other stores besides convenience stores and station shops on July 9 due to its popularity. The content is 73g (2.57oz), and the estimated price is around 180 yen.

If you're a fan of Sui Cover & Melon Bar, you can't miss the new work "Fit's [It's not Sui Cover!]". Why don't you pick it up when you see it?