Declarations of the end of the rainy season have been issued in various parts of Japan, and hot, hot, and hot days have arrived.

How about a hot and hot shrimp cutlet in such a hot summer?

Ministop has been selling a new product "G-DOG Tartar Ebi Katsu" since July 17, 2012. The price is 198 yen.

Ministop's "G-DOG Tartar Ebi Cutlet"

This "G-DOG tartar shrimp cutlet" is said to be a "freshly made" grill dog (G-DOG) that is baked in a special oven after receiving an order.

The contents are shrimp cutlet that is packed with plenty of shrimp and uses minced shrimp as a binder. You can enjoy the texture of shrimp. The sauce is tartar sauce with plenty of eggs.

A long time ago, when Nissin developed cup noodles, it was said that "Put in shrimp! If you put in shrimp, you can sell!" Was the highest proposition. If you add shrimp, you can get a sense of luxury, and above all, it sells well. The Japanese are people who really like shrimp.

"G-DOG Tartar Shrimp Cutlet" where you can enjoy such shrimp. Recommended for this summer!