The article "NASA is developing a supersonic passenger plane " introduced today on the sister site "Enride". If it is put into practical use, it may be possible to connect Tokyo and Los Angeles in about 5 to 6 hours. It's a dream-like story, but it became a hot topic in a place that had nothing to do with the main story. The design of the passenger plane looks like green onions .

It's not green onions. It's a passenger plane!
It's not green onions. It's a passenger plane!

The airliner in question is an imaginary design created by NASA's industrial partner Lockheed Martin. Based on the shape concept of NASA's supersonic passenger aircraft, it has a thin nose, streamlined airframe, and triangular wings. Very smart and stylish.

However, the problem is the coloring. Stunning white from the head of the aircraft to the middle of the fuselage, and bright green from there to the back. ... Yes, it's just the appearance of a long onion .

On Twitter, there are many comments such as "flying green onions" and "it looks like green onions", and even comments such as "Shimonita green onions over Gunma" and "Fukaya green onions over Saitama". In addition, fast-working Twitter users have even posted images of long onions and supersonic airliners side by side.

I don't know the true meaning of this coloring, but one day I may see a long onion that dances beautifully in the sky. ... No, is it too fast to be confirmed from the ground?