April Fools' Day: "'HOKAHOKA #GohanMoruriCar'"
(Image taken from the official account)

This article is from April 1, 2021 (April Fool's Day)

It was announced on the official account of Sanko Rare Things Shop that the TV Sanko series "HOKAHOKA #GohanMoruCar" will start at 18:00 on April 1.

Hot, hot, hot! Umaumauma? Big commotion! You can expect to see the activities of the cute "Gohan Moriru Cars". I wonder if their cry will be "Hoka Hoka! I wonder if it's .......

I'd like to watch this as a heartwarming bento cooking show," and "I don't know if it's a lie or not! I don't know if it's true or not! I'd like to watch it for sure!

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