From the Ginza Cozy Corner, 5 "Hinamatsuri Limited Sweets Gifts" designed with Disney characters will be released on February 15th. The sale period is until March 3rd.

"Hina Chocolate & Marshmallow" is an assortment of strawberry-flavored chocolate and marshmallows containing chocolate. When you open the package, you will see a Disney character Hinadan. 6 pieces, 315 yen.

"Hina Gift Can" is an assortment of cookies with Mickey's silhouette, strawberry chocolate crunch, and madeleine of peach and chocolate. It comes in a Hinamatsuri limited gift can designed by Mickey's "Obina" and Minnie's "Mebina". 11 pieces, 840 yen.

"Hina purse" is a purse designed by Minnie Mouse, with peach-flavored square madeleine and chocolate-filled marshmallows. 5 pieces, 525 yen.

"Hina cookie" is an assortment of cookies with Mickey's silhouette drawn on it. It is in the Disney Design BOX limited to the Doll's Festival. You can enjoy two flavors, plain flavor and plain x cocoa flavor. 6 pieces for 315 yen, 10 pieces for 525 yen.