"Soilate with rare sugar" has been released from Lawson's "Uchi Cafe" series. It is low in calories because it contains soy milk instead of milk, and half of the sweeteners used are "rare sugars" that are said to have a low GI value (blood sugar increase rate).

Simple package is also very popular
Simple package is also very popular

Calories are as low as 90kcal per bottle! This coffee menu, which is especially popular with women, has decided to try it for today's snack even in the eating editorial department. What is the taste ...?

With plenty of 240ml, it's 90kcal! Wife!
With plenty of 240ml (8.12us fl oz), it's 90kcal! Wife!

Oishii! Although it has a mellow texture, it has a moderate sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste. The moment you pass through your throat, the fluffy “soy flavor” is irresistible. It is said that it uses unadjusted soymilk, but it is very easy to drink because it is combined with coffee. People who are not good at soy milk may be able to do this! ??

By the way, this product is for ice cream, but it was delicious even if I transferred it to a heat-resistant cup, lentin it, and drank it hot. How about a snack for a day when you want to eat something sweet and savory, but want to reduce calories?