Lawson "Machi Cafe Hot Milk"

At Lawson, "Machi Cafe Hot Milk" will be sold at 65 yen (tax included), which is half the standard price of 130 yen, to support the expansion of milk consumption. Conducted for two days, December 31st and January 1st, 2022.

"Machi Cafe Hot Milk" Half Price

Lawson is concerned that the supply of milk for school lunch will decrease due to the simultaneous closure of elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and special schools nationwide in March last year to prevent the spread of measures against new coronavirus infections. , "Hot milk" is sold at half price for the purpose of supporting milk consumption. The total number of sales for 12 days, which was sold at half price, reached 1.5 million cups, which was very popular.

This time, while the recovery of demand for milk products has been delayed due to the prolonged spread of the new coronavirus infection, the milk "Machicafe Hot Milk" using 100% domestically produced milk is sold at half price. As we enter the year-end and New Year holidays when milk consumption is declining, Lawson, who holds the milk churn mark, aims to support the expansion of milk consumption.

Lawson's chain name and milk can mark originated from "Lawson's Milk Shop" run by JJ Lawson in Ohio, USA in the 1930s. Through this half-price sale, we would like to support milk consumption and health.

Lawson's milk churn mark