Burger King of the United States will sell "French fries burger" containing four fried potatoes from September. Reported by US media Business Insider.

Contains 4 french fries! "French fries burger" from Burger King, USA
Contains 4 french fries! "French fries burger" from Burger King, USA

The French fries burger is the restaurant's regular menu "Classic Burger" topped with four french fries. The price is 1 dollar (about 97 yen).

Business Insider reported that the launch of the French fries burger is part of Burger King's strategy to compete with McDonald's, which is trying to win customers on low-priced routes. Burger King also offers junior whoppers for $ 1.29 in the United States.

However, the reaction of Americans to this French fries burger is not good enough. In the comments section of the media introducing the French fries burger, there is the following post.

・ Sandwiches with french fries are not uncommon. I ate fish and chips during my stay in England, wow! It's as innovative as the Gold-colored iPhone

Of course, some people appreciate it.

・ I always eat french fries in a burger. If you sandwich it from the beginning, you can save time and effort

I personally want to eat this french fries burger. But when I ordered

"How about potatoes together?"

I think it's a little annoying when asked.