In the United States, July is "National Ice Cream Month" established by the late former President Ronald Reagan.

Baskin-Robbins of the United States, which operates "Thirty One Ice Cream," conducted a survey on ice cream flavor and personality to commemorate this ice cream month. The result was announced. The British media Daily Mail reports .

Thirty One Ice Cream Part of Standard Flavor (Source: Thirty One Ice Cream)
Thirty One Ice Cream Part of Standard Flavor (Source: Thirty One Ice Cream)

According to the media, the study was conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsh, founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. He explains the findings as follows:

"Survey has revealed a number of surprising facts. For example, those who like the flashy rainbow sorbet have a much more pessimistic personality than is generally thought, and Rocky Road I also found that my favorite person is a good listener. "

The word "vanilla" is usually used to mean "ordinary" or "uninteresting." But those who like "vanilla" ice cream are actually idealistic and impulsive, that is, they have a fairly "pointy" personality, the findings say.

Below are some of the key flavors of 31 ice creams and the personalities of those who like them, excerpted from the Daily Mail article. Do you have your favorite flavors?

■ Vanilla
The personality of a person who likes vanilla is straightforward and idealistic. But it's easy to suggest.

■ Chocolate
Chocolate lovers are exaggerated, cheerful and attractive. Cheating and fascinating, but easy to be fooled.

■ Berry Berry Strawberry
Those who like Berry Berry Strawberry are patient and devoted. Introverted side too.

■ Chocolate mint
People who like chocolate mint have a logical and cautious personality. He is also a frugal person.

■ Rocky Road
People who like Rocky Road are positive and amiable. He is also a good listener who listens to people's stories.

■ Jamoka Coffee
People who like Jamoka Coffee are honest and sincere. On the one hand, he is a perfectionist when it comes to morality.

■ Chocolate Chips
People who like chocolate chips are generous and talented. A person who works better than a person.

■ Rainbow sorbet
Those who like rainbow sorbet are analytical and pessimistic. However, he is determined.

How is it? From tomorrow, I decided to order only Jamoka coffee in public. I want to be considered a straightforward and sincere person. But keep in mind that eating jamoka coffee-flavored ice cream doesn't mean you can be honest. Or rather, be careful.

Dialy Mail did not disclose the survey method, survey period, or survey target.