Aoki's Pizza "Resurrection! Bloody Zombino 2"
For Halloween parties!

The "Halloween Carnival" campaign is being held until October 31st at the home delivery pizza chain "Aoki's Pizza". The pizza "Bloody Zombino" sold last year (2016) is now available as "Resurrection! Bloody Zombino 2" with "200% increase in eerieness".

Resurrection! Bloody Fido 2 is the scariest "horror pizza" in Aoki's Pizza history. It is topped with pork sausage fingers, jelly eyeballs, mozzarella cheese, and potato salad. It is said that you can enjoy the "deliciousness that is the exact opposite of what it looks like" with mellow potatoes and spicy tacos meat. Only M size, the price is 2,600 yen (excluding tax).

At the same time, a bizarre dessert "Blood-filled Jelly" that is perfect for pizza is also available. The raspberry sauce is so delicious that it melts. The price is 330 yen (excluding tax).

Aoki's Pizza "Blood Eye Jelly"

"If you have a bad heart or have small children, please consider before ordering."