February "Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day".

Save on popular menu items for "Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day" in February

! Lotteria will hold "Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day" for three days only from February 7 (Tue) to February 9 (Thu) (except at some stores).

Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku)


Lotteria will hold "Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day" on the 29th of every month, offering a discount on a hearty burger. This month, the program will be held for three days only on February 9, which is "29 Meat (Niku) Day.

In February, "Triple Bacon Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger", "Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger", "4-dan Zesshin Cheeseburger", "Double Bacon Double Zesshin Cheeseburger" and "Double Zesshin Cheeseburger" will be offered at a discount from the regular price.

Triple Bacon Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger

This is an outstanding volume burger with three luxurious layers of exquisite cheese hamburger patty and bacon. The burger is topped with two layers of long, aromatic bacon that has been slowly smoked with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips. The patty is topped with two folded layers of bacon, smoked slowly with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips.

Lotteria "Triple Bacon Triple Excellent Cheeseburger".

The regular price of 1,450 yen is now 1,300 yen (10% tax included, same as below).

Triple Excellent Cheeseburger

A juicy and satisfying burger that is sure to please meat lovers. Three exquisite cheese hamburger patties are layered and sandwiched in a bun. Regular price 1,120 yen, 970 yen.

Lotteria "Triple Zest Cheeseburger".

4-dan Zesshin Cheese Burger

: A hearty burger that lets you enjoy the taste of meat to the fullest. Four cheese hamburger patties are piled up and sandwiched between buns. Regular price is 1,320 yen (1,470 yen).

Lotteria "4-dan Zekketsu Cheeseburger" (4-dan Zekketsu Cheeseburger)

Double Bacon Double Excellent Cheese Burger

A burger with two layers of excellent cheese hamburger patty and long size bacon. Regular price 990 yen, 840 yen.

Lotteria "Double Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger".

Double Zesshin Cheeseburger

A simple yet tasty burger with a great taste of meat. Two layers of our exquisite cheese hamburger patty sandwiched between two buns. Regular price 770 yen, 620 yen.

Lotteria "Double Zested Cheeseburger".