Actual Tasting "Organic Jasmine & Rooibos

High Peace Organic

Jasmine & Rooibos I actually purchased and drank Organic Jasmine & Rooibos, sold by High Peace. The purchase price is 184 yen (tax included). The author found it at Natural Lawson.

Organic Jasmine &


"Organic Jasmine & Rooibos" is a blend of organic jasmine and organic rooibos. It has a flowery aroma and a refreshing taste. It is calorie-free.

When you transfer it to a cup, you will receive a fluffy and gorgeous aroma. The aroma is distinct!

Organic Jasmine & Rooibos

The jasmine and rooibos flavors blend together to create an exquisite gradation of flavors. It is refreshing to drink and leaves a soft and gorgeous aroma in the aftertaste. Because of the refreshing appeal of this blended tea, it may be enjoyed with fatty or heavy dishes.

Organic Jasmine & Rooibos

Organic Jasmine & Rooibos is perfect for when you need to refresh. A delight for jasmine and rooibos lovers.