Kabaya "Sakusaku-panda: Fragrant Darjeeling

Kabaya Sakusakusubanda

Fragrant Darjeeling A new flavor "Sakusakusubanda Fragrant Darjeeling" is now available from the "Sakusakusubanda" series of chocolate cookies from Kabaya's "Happiness Found, Healing Panda" series. The biscuit weighs 47 grams and is available at an open price.

Sakkusuku-Panda Aroma


Darjeeling "Sakkusuku-Panda Aroma Flowering Darjeeling" is a limited-time product from the "Sakkusuku-Panda" series of choco-biscuits in the shape of a panda, with the concept of "Happiness found, a healing panda". The combination of the three layers creates an addictive quality that will keep you reaching for the next one.

The moment you open the bag, you will be greeted by a gorgeous aroma that spreads like wildfire! The chocolate aroma is like milk tea.

Kabaya "Sakusaku-panda: Fragrant Darjeeling
Crunchy bread - Darjeeling with a fragrant aroma

There are a total of 70 different panda faces (not all 70 are in one bag). The unique faces are fun to look at.

Kabaya "Sakusaku-panda: Fragrant Darjeeling

The crunchy biscuits are savory and go well with the rich milk chocolate and Darjeeling-flavored chocolate. The aftertaste is sweet and you can enjoy the mildness of the chocolate. Might as well be paired with unsweetened black tea!

Kabaya "Saku Saku Panda: Fragrant Darjeeling

The zippered package is a great way to enjoy the aroma. It is a perfect snack when you are a little hungry or when you want to be healed.

The package comes with a zipper, but please eat up as soon as possible after opening the package.