KINOKUNIYA "KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch" in 6 colors



KINOKUNIYA introduces "KINOKUNIYA Sweets Pouch" from KINOKUNIYA. Total of 6 colors. Available for pre-sale at the official online store, and will be available at each store from February 1, 2023 as soon as they arrive. Priced at 1,080 yen (tax included), the pouches without sweets will be available only from February 15, and will be announced again.

Available in 6 colors

Six colors: gray, orange, purple

, turquoise, beige, and pink

The pouches will be available in gray, orange, purple, turquoise, beige, and pink. Inside the pouches are 30 grams of "Double Chocolate Cookies" baked goods and one each of "Financier" and "Baumkuchen (chocolate)".

The colorful pouches, which are fun to choose from, can be used in many ways after you finish eating the baked sweets. It can be used as a makeup pouch, a snack container, or as a bag-in-bag to keep the inside of your bag neat and tidy.

The pouch measures approximately 12 cm in length, 18.5 cm in width, and 4 cm in girth, and is made of polyester.

Please note that sales in stores may be delayed depending on the availability of the product. Also, the product may be out of stock. The stock in stores changes daily, so please contact the store directly for the sales status.