Melting Creamy Bread" LAWSON STORE100 original package

LAWSON STORE100 Melting Creamy Buns

"Chilled Melting Creamy Buns" are now on sale at LAWSON STORE100. The price is 235 yen per piece (tax included).

This product was developed under the theme of "making it more accessible" to consumers, focusing on its light taste and smooth texture. While maintaining the soft and fluffy texture of Hattendo's "Creamy Buns" even when chilled, the product has a lighter taste by blending in light whipped cream. The two flavors are custard and chocolate.

For the sales at LAWSON STORE100, Hattendo has prepared warm, original packaging that matches the store concept and product concept and blends in with everyday life.

About H

attendo Hattendo Corporation was founded in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture in 1933 as a Japanese confectionery. Over the course of its long history, the company has changed its business format over the years to include a Japanese confectionary, a Japanese and Western confectionary, and a bakery, and currently develops and manufactures a wide variety of products, including "Creamy Buns," and delivers them throughout Japan.

Some stores may not carry this product.
Not available at Hattendo stores or online store.