Cafe Rexel FUKU BAG 2023 "2023 HAPPY BAG

Cafe Lexcel FUKU BAG 20

23 Cafe brand "Cafe Lexcel" will sell the "2023 HAPPY BAG" in stores from December 22 in collaboration with the Scandinavian design lifestyle brand "kippis".


HAPPY BAG "kippis" and "Cafe Rexel" have been collaborating since 2019. Following the popularity of the bag in previous years, a total of four types of goods will be available, including a set of goods designed to suit different lifestyle scenes based on the owl, a symbol of happiness, and drip coffee with an aroma reminiscent of blueberries, which are popular in Scandinavia.

Cafe Rexel FUKU BAG 2023 "2023 HAPPY BAG

Prior to the release, pre-orders will begin on December 1 at Café Rexel stores and three online stores: Doutor Online Shop, Takarajima Channel, and Kippis Online Shop.

The prices are 7,500 yen, 5,500 yen, 3,500 yen, and 500 yen (all tax included). The in-store reservation period is from December 1 to December 21. The in-store sales and delivery period is from December 22 to January 15, 2023. Online store reservations will be accepted from December 1 to January 4, 2023. The sales will end as soon as they run out. The online store will sell only the 7,500 yen and 5,500 yen sets.

Cafe Rexel FUKU BAG 2023 "2023 HAPPY BAG

Tote bag
This large tote bag is perfect for outdoor activities, the gym, and other leisure activities. The opening has a hook for safe and secure carrying. (Size: approx. H230 x W490 x D150 mm, handle length 465 mm)

・ Slim Frosted Bottle (500 ml)
Can be used for carrying room temperature water, protein shaker, or other purposes. The front has an owl design and the back has the Cafe Rexel logo. (Heat resistant to 80°C)

・ Mesh Pouch M
A5 size mesh pouch with visible contents for easy organization. With a loop, it can be carried by hand or attached to a bag to hold valuables. (Size: approx. H180 x W230mm)

・ Face Towel
Microfiber material face towel with excellent water absorbency. With owl embroidery and towel hanging loop. (Size: approx. H800 x W300mm)

・ 8-pocket bag
Original bag in limited green color. The front of the bag is decorated with the kippis original design owl, a symbol of happiness. (Size: approx. H210 x W320 x D100, handle length 250mm)

・ Mesh Pouch S
B6 size mesh pouch. With a loop, it is convenient for holding in your hand or attaching to a bag to hold valuables. With an inside pocket. (Size: approx. H130 x W180mm)

・ Easy Drip Coffee
Drip coffee that expresses the flavor reminiscent of "blueberry" popular in Northern Europe with Café Rexel's high quality specialty coffee. You can enjoy the fresh fruitiness of strawberries and blueberries, the sweetness of the specialty blend, the clean mouthfeel, and the lingering transition from one coffee to the next.

Free Drink Ticket
A single ticket can be exchanged for one drink of your choice per person.

Coffee Bean 50% Off Ticket
One ticket entitles one person to purchase one bag of coffee beans of their choice at half price.

Free drink ticket" and "50% off coffee beans ticket" expire on May 31, 2023.
Each "free drink ticket" can be exchanged for one drink of your choice at Café Lexcel (store). Free drink tickets cannot be used for set drinks or alcoholic beverages. Cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or discount coupons. Can be used at all Café Lexcel stores.
Coffee Bean 50% OFF Ticket" can only be used at Café Lexel stores.
* Sales will end as soon as stock runs out due to limited quantities.