KKD「Krispy Kreme × Minions」

KKD Krispy Kreme x Minions

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD) will sell limited-edition doughnuts in collaboration with the world-famous American-born character "Minions. The doughnuts will be on sale from November 1 to November 24.

Minion Collaboration Doughnut

The "Minion" collaboration doughnut is back. This time, "Bob" and "Stuart," two of the most popular "Minion" characters, are transformed into donuts. In addition, "Choco Sprinkles," popular among people of all ages, will also be available in Minion colors.

Choco Cream Bob

Choco Cream Bob" has a face coated with pudding-flavored chocolate and decorated with bitter chocolate and white chocolate goggles and mouth. Inside the doughnut is a mild and rich cream filled with fresh chocolate, allowing you to enjoy various chocolate delicacies until the very end. The price is 388 yen (396 yen eat-in).

KKD "Chocolate Cream Bob

Banana Milk Stuart

Banana Milk Stuart is a doughnut filled with banana-flavored cream, a favorite of the Minions. The surface is coated with pudding-flavored chocolate, creating a gently sweet taste that spreads on the palate. Stuart's face and "center parted hairstyle," his charm point, are depicted in bitter chocolate. The price is 388 yen (396 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Banana Milk Stuart"

Minion Choco Sprinkles

Minion Choco Sprinkles" is a doughnut that transforms the popular "Choco Sprinkles" into Minion colors. The smooth texture of chocolate icing made from Ghanaian cacao is sprinkled with yellow and light blue sprinkles. Enjoy the uplifting colors and crispy texture of the sprinkles. The price is 248 yen (253 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Minion Chocolate Sprinkles"

Dozen Set Minion (12 pieces)

Minion" doughnuts are all here! This 12-piece box includes "Bob" filled with fresh chocolate cream, "Stuart" filled with banana milk cream, Minion-colored chocolate sprinkles, and the classic Original Glazed. The price is 2,592 yen (2,640 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Dozen Set Minion (12 pieces)"

Dozen Half Set Minion (6 pieces)

This 6-piece box is filled with "Minion" doughnuts and other classic items. With "Bob" in pudding and chocolate flavor, "Stuart" in pudding and banana milk flavor, and sprinkles in Minion colors, the box looks and tastes very lively. The price is 1,533 yen (1,562 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Dozen Half Set Minion (6 pieces)"

Box Set Minion (3 pieces)

Harapeko's Minions are transformed into doughnuts. The pampered "Bob" is filled with fresh chocolate cream, while the one-eyed "Stuart" is filled with banana milk cream. The Minion-colored sprinkles are accented with smooth chocolate icing and a crispy texture. The price is 993 yen (1,012 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Box Set Minion (3 pieces)"

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