Vitamere "Première Noël

VitaMail is now offering "Première Noël," a Christmas cake available only by reservation. Reservations will be accepted until November 30, with delivery on December 24 and 25. It measures approximately 15 cm square and is priced at 19,440 yen (tax included).

Vitamere Première Noël

Vitamere "Première Noël

The excitement of opening a present is expressed in the cake. Inside a jewel box-like chocolate box handmade by VitaMère's chocolatiers, layers of chocolate mousse, gateau chocolat, and berry mousse created by VitaMère's pastry chefs are layered on top of each other. Bright red, sparkling strawberries decorate the box, creating a festive Christmas atmosphere.

To match the sweet and sour strawberry and berry mousse, "Alto El Sol 65%" with its fruity aroma and refreshing acidity was chosen for the chocolate mousse. It is said that only cacao beans harvested at the Alto El Sol plantation in Peru's national park are used in this chocolate. For the base of the gateau chocolat, Vietnamese cacao beans, which have a good balance of cacao bitterness, acidity, and sweetness, are used. The combination of the deep flavor of chocolate and gorgeous berries can be enjoyed.

The pre-order will be limited and will be closed when the number reaches a certain level. The number of items sold will vary depending on the store.