Grandma's Yuzu Ginger Drink" from LB

Elbee will sell Grandma's Yuzu Ginger Drink. The release date is September 13. The price is open. Sales area is all over Japan except Okinawa.

Grandma's Yuzu Ginger Drink

The product focuses on yuzu ginger syrup, which has been handmade at home for centuries. The drink is made by adding honey and fermented ginger extract to yuzu juice to evoke the taste of yuzu soaked in honey and grated fermented ginger. The traditional healthiness of "fermented" and "ginger" can be enjoyed with the taste of yuzu. The gentle sweetness of yuzu and honey with the tangy taste of ginger makes this a drink that will make you feel relaxed during the fall and winter seasons.

Grandma's Drink

The "Grandma's Drink" series is a drink inspired by the nostalgic taste that grandma used to make. Grandma's Red Shiso Drink" was born out of the desire of a development manager from the Tohoku region, who wanted to make it easier for people to enjoy the "shiso juice" that her grandma used to make for her.