Caffarel "Parfait il Caffarel Uva

Caffarel Kobe Kitano, a long-established chocolate brand from Torino, Italy, is now selling "Parfait il Caffarel Uva," which is lavishly decorated with seasonal grapes. It will be on sale until September 30. The price is 1,870 yen, and the drink set is 2,310 yen (both including tax).

Parfait il Caffarel Uva

The luxurious parfait "Parfait il Caffarel Uva" is composed of layers from the top: elderflower espuma, chocolate jalato, vineyard muscat, Pione, red grape jelly, cacao pulp jelly, and vincotto sauce. The combination of the ingredients creates a completely different taste experience that can be enjoyed until the very last bite.

What is "Caffarel"?

A long-established chocolate brand from Torino, Italy, founded in 1826. The brand invented "gianduja chocolate," which is a combination of roasted hazelnut paste and cacao, and spread it throughout the world. Since then, it has been loved all over the world.