Bandai "Ichiban Kuji Lottery: Otakko Dobutsu - Suyarin korekkusyon♪".

Ichiban Kuji Lottery "Tamakko Dobutsu - Suyarin korekkoshon♪" themed on GINBIS snacks "Tabekko Dobutsu" will be sold at Ichiban Kuji Lottery official store, Kiddy Land Harajuku store, Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda store and other stores. The release date is September 17. It will also be sold at Ichiban Kuji Lottery ONLINE from September 20, 2022. The price is 680 yen (tax included) per raffle.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery: Tamakko Dobutsu - Suyarin korekkusyon♪

The most popular raffle of GINBIS's snacks "Tabekko Dobutsu". The lottery includes the "Sleepyhead Pillow" and "Ote Kutsurogi" series, as well as other practical items that can be used together with the stuffed animals.

From the pillow-shaped plushie series "O-Nemuri-Pakura" comes "Raion-kun" and "Usagi-san" from the "TABEKO-DOBUTSU" series. The large size is comfortable to hold and will allow you to relax and snuggle. The "Ote Kutsurogi Pillow" hand-rest plush toy series and the "Ote Kutsurogi Mascot" with ball chain come in the "Raion-kun," "Rabbit," "Elephant" and "Hippopotamus" series.

The "Funwari Towel" can be used as a face towel or as a cover for the "Sleep Pillow" with a snap button. The "Towel Pouch" can be used not only as a towel or pouch, but also as a futon for the "Ote Kutsurogi Pillow" and "Ote Kutsurogi Mascot," along with the plush toys.

The last one prize, which can be obtained by drawing the last one, is the "Raion-kun Onemuromakura Last One ver." with a cover printed with the characters of TABEKO-DOBUTSU.

Bandai "Ichiban Kuji Lottery: Otakko Dobutsu - Suyarin korekkusyon♪".

Grade List

Prize A: Raion-kun Sleep Pillow (total 1 kind) approx. 45cm

Prize B: Usagi-san Sleep Pillow (total 1 kind) approx. 40cm

Prize C: Ote Kutsurogi Makura (total 4 kinds) approx. 10-12cm

Prize D: Ote Kutsurogi Mascot (total 4 kinds) approx. 8cm

Prize E: Soft Towel (Total 6 kinds) approx. 60cm

Prize F: Towel Pouch (total 6 kinds) approx. 14cm

Prize F: Towel Pouch (6 kinds) approx. 14cm ・ Prize Last One: Raion-kun Sleep Pillow (Last One ver.) approx. 45cm

Double Chance Campaign: Raion-kun Sleep Pillow, 10 pieces in total

Prizes and packages will be the same as those of Prize A.