BIKKURI DONKEY will release a seasonal beer "Shandy Lemon" on July 13, and will hold a "Drink a Beer, Win a Dining Ticket Campaign" from July 13 to August 30. Campaign" from July 13 to August 30.

Shandy Lemon

BIKKURI DONKEY, which regularly releases seasonal beers, will introduce "Shandy Lemon" this time. The refreshing taste of lemon and the refreshing sensation it gives on the throat make it a perfect drink for this time of year. Recommended for beer lovers as well as those who like the flavor of lemon. The alcohol content is 2%. Served in bottles. Price: 550 yen (tax included).


Alcohol may not be served to persons under 20 years of age or to drivers.
Prices vary by region and store. Some items are not available at some stores.
A 10% late-night charge will be added to orders placed after 10:00 p.m.
Menu items, tableware and containers for some items may differ depending on season, time of day, and store.
The above menu items are not available for To go or delivery.

Drink a beer and win a meal ticket! Campaign

During the period of July 13-August 30, upload an image of your receipt including the qualifying product from the campaign page, fill in the required information, and enter the campaign to win 10,000 yen in meal coupons for 20 winners by drawing. Eligible stores are 324 stores (excluding Suruga Bay Numazu Service Area downstairs stores and food court stores).

Eligible products include Donkey House Beer on tap (small, medium, and large), Shandy Lemon, non-alcoholic beer (Stout Free and Donkey Free), Donkey House Beer on tap set, and Kita no Seiryu. Kita no Seiryu is available only at some stores.

A coupon for a 100 yen discount on beer and non-alcoholic beer will be distributed in the official BIKKURI DONKEY app during the period.