Rolled Ice Cream Factory "Ishigaki Special" and "Beni Imo Sweet

ROLL ICE CREAM FACTOR will introduce "Ishigaki Special" and "Beni-imo Sweet", a limited time menu featuring specialty products of Ishigaki Island. The Ishigaki Special and Beni Imo Sweet will be available at seven stores nationwide from May 23 to the end of June.

Ishigaki Special

Ishigaki Special Ishigaki Special" has a vanilla base and a mix-in of Ishigaki salt. It is topped with Ishigaki Island pineapple and Okinawan sweets "chinsuko" and brown sugar sauce. The price is 850 yen (tax included, eat-in, same below).

Beniimo Sweet Potato

Beniimo Sweet" has a vanilla base and a mix of purple sweet potatoes. It is topped with beniimo chips and shiratama (white rice balls), and has beniimo powder sprinkled on top of the sauce. The price is 850 yen.

The price for To go is different. In addition to being sold at all stores for a limited time, it is also available only at the Ishigakijima Coconut Terrace store.