McDonald's "Hirumakku"

The "Value Lunch" offered at McDonald's during weekday lunch hours has been renewed and will be offered as the new "Hirumakku" from March 14.


The set includes a "Big Mac," "Double Cheeseburger," and other popular items at a savings of up to 120 yen for weekday lunch hours only. The value price from the Value Lunch era will be retained, but the name will be changed to "Hirumakku," which is a cross between "daytime" and "mac.

The 600 yen set of McDonald's ever-popular "Big Mac" is the first of the five sets, followed by the 550 yen sets of "Double Cheeseburger," "Teriyaki Chicken Fillet," "Teriyaki McBurger," and "Filet-O-Fish. All come with one side dish of your choice and an M-size drink of your choice. As in the past, you can increase the size of your McFries and drink to a large size for an additional 70 yen.

Hiramaq is available from 10:30 to 14:00 on weekdays, and is sold at McDonald's restaurants nationwide (excluding some stores).